Press Release: May 26, 2022

Gothic Gin Announces Partnership of Her Majesty The Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Gothic Gin announced its official partnership of Her Majesty The Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Album. The celebratory launch takes place in the elegant art deco ballroom of Claridge’s in the heart of Mayfair, London on Sunday 5 June 2022.

The colour, crowds, and spectacle of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant will be screened live at the launch event, which will also include afternoon tea and a private question-and-answer session with book contributors and authors Robert Jobson, Katie Nicholl and Tom Parker Bowles, followed by a book signing.

The beautifully designed, 400-page hardback book is produced by leading publisher St James’s House – the official publisher for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant – and written by an editorial team of renowned motoring journalists and industry experts.

A carefully curated selection of high-end brands will also be present at the launch, enabling guests to immerse themselves in a world of luxurious tastes, products, and experiences. Gothic Gin is both a partner of and brand featured in Her Majesty the Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Album.

Chris Klug, CEO and Founder of Gothic Gin, said: “We are humbled and honoured to continue our relationship with St James’s House in celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

Her Majesty The Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Album is available to order at

About Gothic Gin

The taste of Gothic Gin delivers distinct, clean botanicals from around the world. It takes you on a journey to Barcelona, Spain and captures the spirit of the Gothic Quarter. The bouquet conjures a lively fragrant nightlife, while the taste invites a subtle, relaxed finish. Gothic Gin is the World Gin Awards 2019 Gold Medal winner and the 2020 category “Best” winner for Contemporary Style Gin from the United States of America. Most recently, Gothic Gin achieved a Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022.

Gothic Gin is now on sale in the UK in a growing number of high-end hospitality locations, such as Goodwood, and UK retailers. Prior to its UK expansion, it was available in 12 US states and shipping to 48 states. It will soon be available in Greece, Spain, and Sweden.

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we believe in protecting our planet, firmly opposing oppression, and creating a more equitable world for everyone. We have pledged 5% of our profits, dedicated to philanthropic projects that align with our values.

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