Gothic Kiss

(DOF Glass) – 1.5 oz. Gothic Ultra-Premium Gin, 1 oz. lime juice, .5 oz. agave, 2 fresh jalapeno slices, 2 fresh ginger slices, 3 fresh cucumber slices (diced).

  • Strongly muddle cucumber and ginger in pint glass. Add jalapeno and lightly muddle (depending on ripeness of jalapeno).

  • Fill pint glass with ice to top (muddled items at bottom).

  • Add 1.5oz of Gothic Premium Gin, 1 oz. lime juice, .5oz agave to glass.

  • Shake hard (8-10 shakes).

  • Rim DOF glass with salt, pour fresh ice, strain drink over fresh ice.

  • Garnish with fresh jalapeno and cucumber.

*Cocktail Notes – If drink isn’t filling to top, you can use 1.5 oz. of lime juice and 1 oz of agave. Depends on the quality of the ice. If jalapenos are extremely ripe, LIGHTLY muddle or drink will be too spicy.

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Gothic Kiss